SAP Cloud For Customer

SAP C4C was designed from the ground up with a mobile first design theme, superior user experience and a cloud deployment model.

SAP Cloud for Customer

Sales reps like to spend their day engaging customers and driving pipeline, not updating data in a
tool for management reporting. Meet SAP Cloud for Sales – the essential tool that allows sales
reps to focus on what they do best – selling their product while easily and comfortably keeping
their managers up to date about their forecasts.

SAP Cloud for Sales was designed from the ground up, keeping superior usability in mind. This
includes turn-key mobility, supporting various devices and form factors. It is a tool that managers,
sales reps, and administrators alike will enjoy using and maintaining. No longer is updating an
opportunity, making notes on an activity or setting up a sales plan an onerous task.

SAP Cloud for Sales also comes with insightful, pre-configured dashboards and reports,
combining data from your backend ERP systems to provide a proper 360 view of your customer.
Integration to SAP ECC and SAP CRM on-premise is also available using either HANA Cloud
Integration or SAP Process Integration.

Are you ready to transform your sales force with SAP Cloud for Sales? Please contact ECENTA for a
product demo.

Customers these days are more empowered than ever. With the surging use of social media and mobile devices it is critical to engage customers in new ways. Especially in the B2C world it is very easy for a bad customer service experience to get the kind publicity you definitely are not looking for.

Meet SAP Cloud for Service and Social – the one tool that does it all for both B2B and B2C:


  • Track interactions and engage with your customers across various channels – Facebook, Twitter, communities and blogs, phone, email, chat, SMS, fax, etc.
  • Route and escalate interactions so that the right person/team is engaging with your customer at the right time
  • Categorize your interactions and link them to serialized products
  • Automatically find knowledge articles that could resolve the reported issue
  • Collaborate with other team members to find the right solutions
  • Enable standard responses to customers using templates
  • Use surveys to gauge customer satisfaction
  • Analyze the performance of your response teams using key figures delivered out of the box like first call resolution rate, time to closure and volume of tickets by various dimensions
  • Dispatch field engineers onsite to customer locations to fix issues. Track time, expenses and materials and update iBase, all  from a mobile device with offline capabilities
  • Integrate with backend ERP systems like SAP ECC to trigger follow-on processes such as parts delivery or billing

ECENTA has over 14 years of experience implementing customer service scenarios. Let us help you leverage SAP Cloud for Service and Social to transform your customer service experience. Contact us for a product demo or to build a business case.