We offer experience to lead SAP Fiori mobile deployments, HANA Cloud Platform and SAP Enterprise integration tools.


Would you like to provide your employees and customers with access to your systems for anywhere at anytime? Would you like to increase your employees' efficiency and availability? Contact us and let our experienced consultants develop a mobility strategy for your enterprise together with you.

We are one of the first SAP service providers to have successfully implemented mobile sales applications for our customers. We offer the necessary experience and support to implement SAP standard solutions as well as customized applications.

ECENTA covers existing SAP standard solutions, e.g. SAP FIORI, SAP Customer Financial Fact Sheet App, or SAP Mobile Platform, and we are your proficient partner if you want to use modern technologies, like SAP UI5, Kapsel, MAF, or even your native approach for a mobile solution, to integrate your processes one by one.


Are you challenged by a large number of interfaces between systems built on totally different technologies? Are these different interface technologies not up to the challenge of handing the frequent changes your business requires? SAP NetWeaver Process Integration (SAP NetWeaver PI) facilitates the integration of different systems. It provides secure, standards-based, reliable and scalable communication.

With SAP PI, disparate systems connect quickly and easily across the entire system landscape and provides access to legacy systems and B2B protocols. Recent development of SAP NetWeaver PI includes standalone installation of SAP NetWeaver PI as a Java system. SAP NetWeaver PI, Business Process Management (BPM), Business Rules Management (BRM) can also be installed in a single system. In addition, SAP provides out of the box business content so that SAP systems can be easily integrated with each other, such as integrating SAP ERP or CRM to SAP Cloud for Customer.

ECENTA has proven experience in assisting our customers leverage SAP NetWeaver PI to have integration between SAP systems, legacy systems, and SAP Cloud and SAP on premise systems (hybrid solutions). Please reach out to discuss our consulting services in systems integration.


Are you looking to integrate your SAP On Premise systems with SAP Cloud solutions and are currently not using any other middleware?

SAP HANA Cloud Integration (HCI) is the SAP integration technology on the cloud. It facilitates the integration of processes between On Premise and Cloud solutions (Cloud-Cloud or Cloud-On Premise). Process integration allows bringing together of business processes that span different organizations or business units within your company. Data integration capabilities allows the efficient and secure use of ETL (extract, transform, load) tools to load data from On Premise systems to Cloud.

SAP HCI also comes with prepackaged, extensible integration content especially between SAP Cloud and On Premise solutions. The content helps customers to set up the connectivity between the systems quickly and leverage existing investments in their On Premise solutions. Customers without an existing middleware can opt for SAP HCI. SAP HCI does not require additional hardware or middleware and it speeds up the integration effort between the hybrid solutions.

ECENTA can help to set up SAP HCI seamlessly between your IT solutions. Please contact us for more details in using SAP HCI.



Have you been in a situation where important decisions or actions were delayed because the required information simply was not readily available? Do you think that within all of the data captured about your customers there should be some important clues about their current and future buying patterns? Have you ever wished your IT department would provide immediate answers – maybe even answers to questions that haven’t been asked yet?

What does it take to provide answers to these questions? Amongst other things, a system needs to be capable of analyzing large amounts of data in real-time, calculate results, and instantly get that information to the people that need it. Simulations need to be ready within minutes rather than several hours or days, but this is how long it can take with conventional systems.

What if we told you that systems are able to provide time critical answers immediately instead of waiting for multiple days, preparing the outcome and providing results to the decision makers? What if we said that simulations can be repeated immediately with adjusted parameters until expectations are met and that you can provide your customers with product suggestions based on current and actual information in real-time – and not based on outdated data from last night’s batch job?

Do you believe that any of that is impossible? It isn't. The future is here with SAP’s groundbreaking in-memory technology SAP HANA! Not only is it possible now to drastically reduce processing times and analyze large amounts of data, you can define new processes and business ideas which would have been impossible before!

ECENTA participated in the early stages of in-memory technology powered by SAP HANA right from the get-go. Together with SAP, we have ported SAP CRM standard functionality from a traditional SAP system onto the SAP HANA platform. Use this to your advantage and benefit from ECENTA’S experience in this area. Ask us today how we can support you in defining innovative ideas and solutions!