All solutions related to business intelligence offer a variety of options: KPI reporting, dashboards, mobile BI, real-time reporting and ad-hoc analytics for the end user.


Are you looking for intelligent tools to interpret various key figures from different data sources and visualize that information in a user-oriented way? Would you like to know, how you can offer ad-hoc analysis and reporting functionalities to your employees without involving your IT department every single time? Do you need support in defining your reporting strategy or in implementing SAP Business Intelligence (SAP BI)? ECENTA can help you with all of the above and many other questions! And, we will help you keep focus on the big picture!

All solutions related to business intelligence offer a variety of options: KPI reporting, dashboards, mobile BI, real-time reporting and ad-hoc analytics for the end user. SAP therefore offers a set of different tools tailored to your requirements, such as SAP HANA, SAP BI/BO, SAP HANA Live, SAP Lumira, SAP Design Studio, SAP xcelsius, SAP Business Objects Explorer, SAP Crystal Reports and many more. With all of this, it can be easy to get lost and not find the right application to suit your business needs.

ECENTA’s consultants deal with these topics on a day-by-day basis! Based on our experience from previous implementations, we understand your challenges and can leverage our expertise to your advantage! We support you in specifying your business requirements, defining your BI strategy and help implementing and deploying the solution as a corporate reporting and analysis tool – always keeping user specific requirements and their individual solution in mind. This will help to drive user acceptance across your company when introducing a new BI platform.

Let us know if you are looking for a strong partner that stays on top of things and - together with you - makes the right decisions! Just reach out and let us know where you need help!

Have you noticed a huge increase in data quantity in your company? Despite the amount of data available, are you still struggling to make the right conclusions because the data foundation doesn’t support the decision making process? You are not alone…

Today, there is more data generated and recorded than ever: according to IEEE the data volume doubles every 2 years comprising structured and unstructured data, internal and external sources, social networks and media as well as mobile devices and services. With the increase of data, companies ask themselves how to use and leverage this data for their decision making process.

ECENTA can help you to organize and structure your information in a data warehouse so that you are able to intelligently use this information to generate new knowledge. This will also help create the right foundation for calculating your key performance indicators (KPI’s). You will be able to recognize and understand important trends and proactively act against them – or leverage them in an optimal way. Your decisions are now based on an established foundation using all relevant information stored in your data warehouse.

We support the planning exercise and the implementation of your SAP Data Warehouse solution – end to end! We bring our expertise in creating customer specific SAP BI architectures and system landscapes to the table. Our knowledge of the latest and greatest SAP technologies paired with the right amount of pragmatism guarantees a successful course of your project! Challenge us – ECENTA delivers! We look forward to your message!


Are your customers constantly indicating wrong contact information or point out that they have been contacted multiple times about the same topic? Is your purchasing organization unable to conduct a supplier consolidation because of inconsistent supplier numbers? Are your purchasing, distribution, and production processes not working smoothly because the same material has multiple descriptions and material ID’s?

All of the above examples indicate poor master data quality. Master data is typically maintained by different employees and in various systems and departments which might lead to inconsistent information and duplicates. Often, the root cause is undefined responsibilities where no one assumes responsibility for specific data sets or feels accountable for ongoing data cleansing. Another reason is that multiple employees simply assume the right over specific customer or material master data and simply overwrite a recent data change by a presumed update.

The definition of clear rules and structures for data maintenance will help to overcome the aforementioned challenges. SAP Master Data Governance (SAP MDG) defines responsibilities and processes and determines who can maintain which data sets in which systems. It also specifies how master data is consolidated and how it is distributed within an IT system landscape. SAP MDG helps to simplify these activities and reduces the manual overhead by introducing different tools to improve the overall process performance as well as to increase process and data quality.

At ECENTA, we can assist to design and implement end-to-end master data governance processes. Initial and ongoing data cleansing activities can be achieved by implementing SAP Data Services which help to orchestrate and automate master data relevant processes. Using SAP MDG, you will be able to define explicit processes and rules, set up clearly defined responsibilities, and support the automated distribution of your master data objects within your system landscape. The SAP Information Steward helps you to gain insight and transparency into your new master data processes: by enabling automated data consistency checks and visualizing data quality, you can early act upon negative trends around inconsistent or wrongly maintained master data.

Process and data quality should always be aligned and consistent. Even using the best defined processes, you are only able to achieve good results if your data quality is properly maintained. Standardize and preserve your process and data quality and ask ECENTA how this can be achieved within your company!