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Email Server-side Integration for SAP

Are you looking for a strong email integration for SAP Cloud for Customer? Is your sales force predominantly using mobile devices and their native email, calendar and address book apps?

Riva CRM Integration syncs a dozen of the world’s best CRMs – including SAP C4C – directly to Exchange, Google Apps and Gmail, Office 365, IBM Notes, and GroupWise. Sync contacts, calendars, tasks, email, opportunities, support tickets, custom fields, custom objects, and more. Server-side integration. No plug-ins to install or manage. Supports PC, Mac, and mobile devices.
Integrate both worlds without the need of having to manage a third-party plug-in! Riva Cloud will help to synchronize your data on your mobile devices (e.g. emails, calendar items, contacts, etc.) hassle-free with your SAP Cloud for Customer data. Riva Cloud provides a great deal of flexibility. For example, Riva Cloud can filter which contacts get synced based on ownership, visibility, team membership, or other custom filters. You can decide whether to do a one-way push on contacts and calendar events or implement full, bi-directional synchronization. Emails can be tracked against accounts and contacts automatically or manually. Plus, Riva Cloud can sync emails to opportunities, cases, and custom objects. We look forward to learning more about your sync requirements. A Full overview of the solution can be found here.

Riva product overview