Client Stories | PALL

Pall Corporation


  • Seamless Integrated CRM Landscape
    1. SAP CRM 7.0 Sales
    2. SAP Cloud for Sales
    3. SAP HCI (HANA Cloud Integration)
  • Integration
    1. SAP ECC as backend for master data and quotation / sales order management
    2. SAP BW for reporting purposes
  • Business Processes
    1. Activity Management (*)
    2. Lead Management (*)
    3. Opportunity Management (*)
    4. CRM Quotation (**)
    5. Groupware integration with MS Outlook,
    6. Lotus Notes and GMAIL
      (*) Integrated with C4C and CRM
      (**) Integrated with CRM and ECC
  • Additional Scope Information
    1. Custom development for real-time data retrieval for quotations
    2. Custom iPad screens to accommodate specific UI requirements
    3. Approx. 3,000 users globally (C4C and OnPrem combined user base)
  • Project Information
    1. Project start to initial GoLive approx. 4 months
    2. Ongoing enhancements and global deployments; estimated end of deployment phase December 2014
    3. ECENTA project team strength approx. 4-6 FTE‘s


Pall Corporation, founded in the 1940’s and headquartered in Port Washington, New York, is a global supplier of filtration, separation and purification products. Pall’s products are manufactured and sold for all major industries such as Pharmaceuticals, Aerospace & Defence, Medical Applications, Food & Beverage, etc. Those industries are grouped into 2 major integrated businesses: PALL Life Sciences and Pall Industries. Pall Corporation employs over 10,000 employees and generates approx. 3 Billion USD in revenue.

Pall Corp has been using multiple home-grown customer management applications to manage activities and opportunities. With its non-integrated satellite systems, Pall’s inside and outside sales representatives had a lot of manual overhead to manage sales related tasks and also communicate with their inside sales counterparts. Up until today, there was no centralized reporting platform and poor integration with the SAP ECC backend system.

Addressing one of the most concerning pain points of sales representatives, Pall Corp chose to implement SAP C4C for its outside sales force: a beautiful and intuitive user interface as well as full mobile support for iPads, SAP C4C was the tool of choice. Activity, Lead & Opportunity Management as well as customer master data is fully integrated with SAP CRM OnPremise. Thanks to fully synchronized transactional data, Pall’s inside sales people are now able to convert Opportunities into Quotations and process the information with almost no additional communication overhead. Once Quotations have been approved, they will be replicated into SAP ECC for further processing.

With ECENTA‘s implementation expertise in both SAP Cloud for Customer (C4C) and SAP CRM OnPremise, Pall started deploying the integrated CRM landscape after only 4 months. Once fully deployed, approx. 3,000 users will be using the CRM landscape in over 10 countries. Thanks to the tight integration of Sales processes, sales representatives have reduced communication efforts and benefit from increased data quality and reporting capabilities.