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Leaseplan Australia


  • One of the world‘s largest SAP Full Service Leasing implementations
  • Customer portal with leasing-on-demand functionality
  • Supplier portal enabled for automatic CRM contract synchronization with SRM PO
  • Automatic supplier selection based on geo data, ranking and products
  • Supplier portal for automatic confirmation
  • Full Service Leasing
  • CRM Service
  • ECC VC incl. JATO
  • Lease Account Engine
  • ISA
  • Biller Direct, Enterprise Portal (EP 7)
  • Business Warehouse (BW) and Process Integration (PI)
  • Product Management Integration


  • Volume of 100,000 contracts after go-live
  • 15% efficiency increase due to adoption of customer and supplier web portals
  • Streamlining of processes: reduced complexity, high level of automation
  • Creation of a global template to unify all products / processes

Leaseplan Australia is an affiliated company of the Dutch LeasePlan Corporation N.V. with a client base of notable national and international companies. LeasePlan attends worldwide more than 1.4 million vehicles in the internal vehicle fleet management. LeasePlan is represented in 23 European countries as well as the United States, Brazil, India, New Zealand and Mexico. In Australia, the company employs about 400 members of staff and is also based in all states and areas of the country. Large enterprises as well as medium-sized businesses and public authorities belong to the client base of LeasePlan, which manages a vehicle fleet of 90,000 vehicles on the 5th continent. The company offers services such as finance leasing of cars, transporters and haul trucks as well as additional services like maintenance and repair, affirmation, car hire as well as blanked fleet advice to more than 1,200 customers.

As so many other industries, the internal fleet management and leasing business inlcude tough competition, growing customer demand and legal complexity. Besides, companies like LeasePlan face the additional challenge to achieve economic goals and to increase efficiency whilst also having to meet ecological objectives by working as sustainable as possible. As a service provider, the company is responsible to support its customers in a reliable, innovative and flexible way to keep them mobile at any time - and this as quick and individual as possible. Not only to compete with other businesses under such conditions but also to be successful and grow faster than the market, companies need to offer new products and innovative processes. In addition, they have to prepare for the customers growing demand from a technological perpective.

LeasePlan Australia noted especially in the areas of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) a hige potential to utilize undiscovered efficiencies to prepare themselves for future challenges and to offer ongoing additional value to their customers. The 30 years old and AS400-based legacy system, which was connected to 20 more systems, was discovered as obstacle for further business development. Besides, there was no integration between the web application and the backend. The established infrastructure should now have been substituted by a modern leasing solution. In the selection process ECENTA and its SAP leasing offer came first against a multitude of international competitors.

The financing industry is highly complex and also affected by a large number of stakeholders and lobby groups. For example, prices need to be competitive and contracts must be adhered. A clean integration in the accounting systems was essential. The SAP Leasing solution meets all of the main demands for all processes of the leasing company: Full Service Leasing, Price Management, Offer Management, Investment Management, Marketing, Resale and Factoring.

For ECENTA, SAP Leasing belongs to the core business and the company contains a strong development and consulting team. Constantly, the experts of ECENTA work closely with the SAP development team in the areas of SAP Leasing and Account Origination.

Supported by the SAP project leader, nearly 40 advisers of ECENTA implemented SAP Full Service Leasing as well as the Lease Account Engine, SAP FI, SAP Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) and the Business Warehouse solution for leasing for LeasePlan Australia. The advisers of ECENTA payed special attention to the clean and smooth implementation of numerous web portals and automating of time-consuming processes like the creation of offerings and contracts.

The voluminous Full Service Leasing project convinced all involved parties quickly. After the successful implementation the system started running with 100,000 contracts for the company. „The process of the project showed which huge potentials there are behind the SAP Leasing solution, when it is implemented by experts, who really understand the business of their client“, said ECENTA Director Klemen Čas.

LeasePlan Australia was able to improve its efficiency by 15% within a hort period of time through the adoption of web portals for clients and suppliers. Besides, it managed to streamline its processes and to reduce complexity by the high level of automation of the Leasing Life Cycles and the integration of all established systems in one core system. Finally, a global template for LeasePlan was developed during the progress of the project to be able to unify all products and processes of the company in all relevant markets.

"From the very start it was important for us not only to choose the right software but also to choose the best partner to support the integration. Given that the best software only can show its full strength when it is implemented by experts, we decided to select ECENTA."

Spiro Haralambopoulos
Managing Director, LeasePlan Australia