Client Stories | KENNAMETAL



  • SAP CRM IC Implementation
  • Improvements to Customer 360
  • Interactive Intelligence CIC (CTI Integration with CRM)
  • Integration to SAP ECC


  • 80+ call center agents live with the first major roll out in NA with both sales and service inbound and outbound.
  • Additional call center agents added on with subsequent roll out of ININ CIC
  • Improved call handling times enabled by CTI
  • Better knowledge of the customer at fingertips
  • Total implementation time of 4 months
  • Groundwork laid for further expansion including Chat channel

Kennametal is a worldwide supplier of tooling and industrial materials including machining tools, cutting tools, mining equipment, abrasives, fluids, woodworking tools, and custom engineering since 1938.

Kennametal had begun a diversified call center implementation with Interactive Intelligence’s Customer Interaction Center. The existing CRM customizations has to be migrated and optimized and the CTI integration was not yet implemented. Primary needs were optimization of the Customer 360, configuration of the Interaction Center, and CTI integration to display the call information in a brand specific manner. ECENTA was selected based on previous experience with this integration.

The proposed solution included extending the current implementation of the CRM Interaction Center and bringing in functionality and features that were currently used outside of the IC. This included a custom Customer 360 view as well as Account and Contact Management and Complaint Management. The Customer 360 specifically was redesigned to work well with the IC framework and existing performance issues addressed. Besides that, the telephony integration between ININ CIC and CRM IC was configured to ensure that agents had screen pops with appropriate data when a customer called in.

With ECENTA‘s implementation expertise of SAP CRM IC and CTI integrations, Kennametal has successfully deployed the solution in 4 months. The interaction center was deployed to multiple locations servicing incoming calls for both sales and service for both Kennametal and WIDA brands. Enough time was left in the implementation to lay the groundwork for additional CTI channels including CHAT, and test their feasibility.